Residential Landscape Design

Your home is your sanctuary, let's make it beautiful!

Landscape design is more than just plants and hardscape. It’s a way of living and enjoying the outdoors.

Our Residential Landscape Design process guides you from vision to reality. Our talented, personable, and ecologically-minded landscape designers will help you design a landscape that fits your budget and enhances your home.

1. Initial Site Design Consultation

The initial stage of our residential landscape design consultation consists of us meeting you (and any other decision makers) on the project site. We go over your online questionnaire, talk about your visions and goals for the site, and then walk the site discussing various options.

This consultation usually lasts 1-1.5 hours. We then put together a proposal and estimated budget for the project. If you like us, and feel that we’re a good fit, then we’ll set you up with one of our landscape design packages.

2. Site Measuring, Inventory and Research

Once a design contract is in place, we revisit your site with a Design Technician to take measurements, identify micro-climates, take photos, and follow up with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

This process takes about 2-hours for most home sites. If you already have architect/engineering or site map drawings, these help immensely in speeding up the process.

While we translate our measurements to a scaled base map, we set you up with a Pinterest or Houzz idea board that you can save images that inspire you and reflect your vision for the project.

3. Conceptual Design Presentation

Back at our drafting table, we take your scaled site map and begin sketching conceptual designs for your landscape. These are loose and energetic sketches that offer a high-level picture of how we envision your landscape appearing at a mature, grown-in state.

We then setup an in-person meeting, or a virtual meeting (a la Skype or Google Hangouts) where we walk you through the design and describe our proposed solutions for your space.

If we missed the mark on the concept, we redraft a new conceptual design and present again. If we hit it out the park, and only need small tweaks, we move onto the next stage, depending on which design package you chose.

4. Finalized Landscape Design

With a concept design agreed upon, we continue diving further into the details of your site. What we deliver in this stage varies based on the design package you selected:

Design Lite

  • Revised and finalized Concept Sketch

Design Plus

  • Everything in Design Lite and
  • Scaled CAD drawings of the Site Plan, Planting Plan, and Irrigation Plan, and Details Sheet.
  • Design Write Up

If additional drawings such as grading plans, construction documents, lighting plans are wanted, those can be added for a separate charge.

5. Installation Estimate

Landscape installation estimate.

Included with the final landscape design for both packages will be an estimated budget for the work outlined in the design. This estimate covers materials, labor and any equipment rental costs to complete the installation.

Some people elect to do phased installation plans and we can propose ways to accommodate you to help ease the financial burden of doing the entire site installation at once or with you working in tandem with our team.

6. Landscaping Installation and Construction

Some clients choose to take their design and either install it themselves or hire another firm to install it. We have worked with either of those options, but we are firm believers that the value you get during the process of installation, in addition to the final product, is much better when design and install are done by one firm.

Once the installation estimate and contract is signed and a deposit is secured, we can begin the your Landscape Installation. Our team includes some of the best tradesmen in the industry with a high standard of excellence.

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Our attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship in everything we do ensures that you’re left with a quality, long-lasting product.

We look forward to bringing your landscape design to the life!

Professional Landscape Design Consultation

Our landscape designers are available to help you envision all the opportunities for maximizing your sites ecological potential.

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