Pine Valley Homestead Farm Design

Large acre homestead in East San Diego County

Homestead Living in East County San Diego

A couple reached out to us after purchasing 10 acres of land in the rolling hills of East County.
Our team worked with the family to address their holistic goals for themselves and the site.
After multiple meetings and research, we came up with vision and goals that then informed our design process.

Project Description

We were tasked with addressing a variety of issues on this 10-acre parcel. Most critical, given the low rainfall amounts was improving the effectiveness of the water cycle and improving the health of the seasonal creek.

Other areas of design attention were: fire protection, repair and protect critical infrastructure, food production: crops and animals, self-sufficiency and general preparedness.

Project Details

Location Pine Vally, San Diego, CA
Date Completed 2016
Features Holistic design package and framework for executing a 15-year Master Plan. Produced three 2D site map plans documenting large infrastructure improvements in addition to a 77-page report outline suggested installations and approaches to realizing the owners’ vision.
Budget $$