Meadowview Open Space Rehabilitation

Erosion mitigation and soil improvement recommendations for 390+ acres

Identifying and Designing Treatments for Broad Scale Soil Erosion

Meadowview HOA, located in Temecula, CA, owns and manages 398 acres of open space meadows consisting of rolling hills and large amounts of concentrated storm water runoff from the surrounding hardscape.

We were contracted to review the existing erosion issues across the site and develop a comprehensive treatment plan and cost estimate for rehabilitation. This process took over a year to complete and many hours of diligent work by Neil Bertrando. In the end, we delivered a exhaustive report and presentation along with treatment maps to help the HOA tackle the issues of trail erosion, relocation and soil rehabilitation.

We also had great support and help from Teri and Kurt of the Meadowview HOA Board and from Partners for Fish and Wildlife.

Read more about Meadowview in our soil erosion case study and Fish Scale Straw Mulch and Straw Wattle Sediment Control posts.

Project Description

Open space meadows surrounded by roughly one acre single-family home parcels. Large volumes of storm water are routed through the open space which has caused severe erosion. EA was tasked with identifying and prioritizing treatment areas, providing erosion control training to volunteers and coordinators, and doing a cost estimation analysis for all treatments.

Project Details

Location Meadowview HOA, Temecula, CA
Date Completed 2017
Features Multiple site assessment visits, presentations to community and HOA Board, Treatment Training Packet, Treatment Maps (8 total), and volunteer training on erosion control techniques and practices
Budget $$$$

Design and Treatment Maps

These maps serve as tools combining the efforts of multiple agencies and organizations in tackling the issue of erosion across the Meadowview Open Space.

Photos of Meadowview HOA Open SPace

A selection of photos covering our time at Meadowview. Over 100 hours of site visits, 2,000 photos and multiple presentations helped inform our report and suggestions for treatment.