Landscaping Services

Ecology Artisans is your one-stop San Diego landscape design+build firm.

Bringing an Eco-Friendly Approach to Landscaping Since 2014

We offer landscape design, installation and maintenance services, as well as comprehensive site, land, farm and ranch design consultations. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and deliverables in our industry.

Landscape Design

Landscapes are complex systems. Even the “simple” looking ones require some form of design input before installation happens. Without design, landscapes can easily take on a hodge-podge look, and, unless that’s what you’re going for, your home will not sit harmoniously with the landscape.

Our team of professionally trained landscape designers will take you through the process of designing your landscape from starting concept to finished install.

Learn more about our Residential Landscape Design process and fill out a Site Consultation application to get started!

Farm & Ranch Design

Modern agriculture accounts for over half of our carbon emissions world-wide, and we’re losing topsoil at tons per acre per year. Most of this degradation is due to short-sighted practices built to mine soil fertility. With holistic design and ecologically regenerative practices, we can reverse these trends and set up future generations with a more robust soil bank.

Our team of well-trained farm and ranch designers will take you through an exhaustive design process to help you identify the right mix of economics, land care, and productivity your land and project require.

We use a suite of disciplines, tools, and techniques to arrive at sound opportunities that you can implement now, and over the course of your project. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Landscape Design

Commercial and Public Works projects are realizing the importance of ecological design in their landscapes. Saving money on water, maintenance, and energy input is a top priority, but so is creating spaces that are welcoming and enjoyable to experience.

Our ecological design approach couples well with our formal design training. From schools to businesses to office parks, we look forward to collaborating with your team to design and develop landscapes that not only meet your budget needs, but bring much needed artistry and enjoyment for all that will encounter it.

Farm & Ranch Design

Design informs our installations and installations informs our design. Our hands-on, boots-in-the-dirt team of professional landscapers helps push our design team every day. We get to put into practice what is dreamt up on paper and we constantly are seeking to improve and innovate with our landscape installations.

We are fully licensed as a California landscape contractor (C27# 1007530), we carry complete liability and workmans comp insurance.

Professional Landscape Design Consultation

Our landscape designers are available to help you envision all the opportunities for maximizing your sites ecological potential.

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